NGIC, It is an evangelic group that contribute to the spreading of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ while through songs. NGIC existed since 2009 and was founded by Julien Rashidi.

Julien has been singing in choirs from the age of 12 and he was inspired by singing and later on, the idea of the way that the gospel of Jesus Christ would reach the youth came up after realising the goodness that the youth or young people in the world would benefit from the word of God.

He also realised that the most dangerous period of mankind is in his youth...because the way you conduct your youth is what will affect your future (older days).


The devil knows that the youth is the church for tomorrow and therefore, he attack us the most to cause us to stay away from God. this is why my songs that i write are related to encouraging youth to never leave God. the devil is always a liar. in God there is life. "In Christ there is fun, joy, peace and life"

Objectives and Purpose:

The purpose of New Generation in Christ (NGIC) is to:

   (a) Promote the gospel of Jesus Christ through singing.

   (b) Reach and Encourage the youth and others through  gospel songs.

   (c) Help, advise and comfort the “failed” or discouraged youths/others in their situation to

enhance their hope for a better future.

   (d) Inspire good and acceptable behaviour for the youth and others within the community.